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Financial Services | Unzyp Software - Credits to Pexels

Financial ServicesBank, Insurance, Fintech

Our solutions help financial services businesses to build digital ecosystems that empower customers to manage and enrich their financial lives. With our solutions, financial institutions will enable latest technology to transform into data-driven company.

Manufacturing | Unzyp Software - Credits to Pexels

ManufacturingAutomotives, Garment, Factory

We develop customized and purpose driven manufacturing solutions to accelerate you along your journey in Industry 4.0. Pushing unlimited boundries to find core value and growth for your business. Our software and hardware solutions, are adaptively capable to transform your business.

Food Beverage | Unzyp Software - Credits to Pexels

Food & BeverageRestaurant, Café, Storage

Food and Beverage software solutions designed specifically for farm-to-fork supply chain visibility. Our software provides end-to-end food and beverage service solutions from growers, manufacturers, delivery, to retail inventory management.

Retail | Unzyp Software - Credits to Pexels

Retail & Logisticse-Commerce, Supply Chain, Retail Store

Manage your retail business using our powerful integrated system, streamline retail operations and increase productivity. With inventory , POS and intelligent customer membership system will elevate your business to industry 4.0

ICT | Unzyp Software - Credits to Pexels

ICTTelecommunication, Technology Company

Our enterprise solutions are tailored for any industries even the technology and telco sectors. Transform your operations to increase revenue, business efficiency, simplify systems, cut costs, enhance the customer experience, and build new services and shorten their time to market.

Construction | Unzyp Software - Credits to Pexels

ConstructionConsultant, Contractor

Manage your multiple projects in sleight of hands with our software, control cost, maintain your project timeline, and monitor execution to minimize loss.

Education | Unzyp Software - Credits to Pexels

EducationUniversities, School, Academy

Our education solutions are designed to complement your classroom curriculum at school and reduce the manual load for students and teachers, making learning fun, and interactive. Enabling push notifications keeps users updated and enhances their learning and growth.

Healthcare | Unzyp Software - Credits to Pexels

HealthcareHospital, Medicine, Calibration

Healthcare industry thriving to find best solutions in maintaining their medical equipments. With our solutions, you can calibrate your medical devices and embed informations using inventory system. We also joining development for smart personal ventilator with IoT and AI capability to combat COVID-19.

Hospitality | Unzyp Software - Credits to Pexels

Hospitality & TravelHotel, Airline, Parlor

Our booking engine system is most desirable for our hospitality clients. Integrated with payment system, mobile ready, and social media enabled to boost your business and reach customer best experience to enjoy your hospitality.

Pick-to-Light System

Expansion of inventory management system, one of order-fulfillment technology designed to improve picking accuracy and efficiency, while simultaneously lowering your labor costs


Put items in desired lot by simply scan unique qrcode and empty lot will be on. Pick empty lot you want to put in, press the button. Inventory will be updated rightaway.



Scan unique qrcode to locate the items, just pick it up from the lot with lights on, turn off the light and go. Imagine you have a big library, and you just follow the light to pick your book.


Movement & Opname

Switch to movement mode, and scan unique qrcode. You can pick the item and turn off the light, empty lot will be on and just put in place wherever you want. You can view stock opname report easily from our software.

Blockchain | Unzyp Software


Energize the uses of transparent and secure technology on consensus network

In the midst of digital transformation, tons of data require a genuine ownership both in Intelectual Property and Tecnology. With blockchain, we finally have a way to own digital assets using proven algorithm called Proof-of-Work or Proof-of-Stake that validated across network around the globe as simple as connecting your personal digital wallet.

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Digital Signage

Level up the way you publish advertisement on billboard

Our digital signage will be a game changer in digital advertisement industry by combining robotics, computer vision and cloud capabilities. In collaboration with our robotic partner, our digital signage solutions will have a direct impact to your business and modelling audience informations as quick as possible and easy to understand.

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Digital Signage | Unzyp Software
Computer Vision | Unzyp Software

Computer Vision

Bring the latest technology in artificial intelligence to your camera

With computer vision, you can approach unimaginable goals on specific tasks. Doing human incapability tasks will drive this technology to see digitally like super human. Such as face recognition, object detection, heat vision, and by integrate to another hardware, this technology capable to do difficult tasks autonomously.

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Data Analytics

Gather and modify your raw data into clean and informative data

Billions of raw data scattered around the internet and other data storage that are waiting to be processed into something that people likes to read and understand. Using our services, you can convert data stream and unstructured data into a powerful informations for your organizations or publicly released.

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Data Analytics | Unzyp Software
Warehouse Management System | Unzyp Software

Warehouse Management System

Optimize warehouse functionality and distributions center management

Order fulfillment is in the most general sense the complete process from point of sales inquiry to delivery of a product to the customer. With WMS, you can optimize your fullfilment business and reduce the time for inbound, outbound, and stock operations. And you can integrate your favourable e-Commerce inventory to update stocks in real-time.

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Business Intelligence

Leverages data to transform into actionable insights that inform an organization's business decisions

Business intelligence comprises the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for data analysis of business informations. BI technologies provides historical, current and predictives point of views fro business prespectives.

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Business Intelligence | Unzyp Software
Learning Management System | Unzyp Software

Learning Management System

Educate people through technology for limitless knowledge transfer

Our LMS solutions, can be used as administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. The learning management system concept emerged directly from e-learning.

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